Monday, November 01, 2010

Squintn' Tarintino

An App that I love the concept of but that I rarely use in reality is Mocha VNC. Remotely performing operations on my desktop from my iphone has always seemed technologically advanced. The luster that dims quickly is due to two main points, One being the fact that I don't enjoy using a mouse on my phone, Two translating a desktop into a iphone screen makes me feel like i'm reading a newspaper through a pair of binoculars. My solution is to simply translate that desktop into a system that mirrors the appearance of apples ios. It would also be nice if the apps opened and operated on the phone like actual apps. For example opening itunes would open on the phone to look like the ipod app, or mail would open to look like the iphone mail app. obviously not all programs have an ios equivalent but many do.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My new iMac running windows 7 in coherence mode can best be described as cheesecake macho.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Make-Your-Own Prescription Sunglasses

Sometimes it's hard wearing blue blockers over your regular lenses. For some reason people feel the need to stare and comment. This past year I invested in prescription sunglasses which later got a new home at the bottom of our local lake. In the short time I had them, I realized how nice it was being able to see with out catching flack for going 6 eyed. So now that summers almost here again I'm looking for a better alternative to sinking a couple hundred into another future bottom dweller. My solution is to sell sheets of film that mimic a certain prescription. You would buy one for each eye as needed. The sheet could be roughly 14" by 14". You cut out the shape you need, and it statically adheres to whatever set of nonprescription sunglasses you want to buy. $20.00 per sheet means $40.00 would make at least 10 plus pairs of glasses. Spend $10.00 on 10 pair of glasses and you have $140.00 invested in 10 sets of frames and lenses, thats half the cost of 1 pair in a retail chain.